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The international community relies upon the United States to respond to natural and man-made disasters that are beyond the capacity of national authorities alone.  Today, the United States is a major provider of emergency relief and longer term assistance and an advocate of peoples struck by emergencies. The fundamental values and mission statement of all who serve in this area is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity.

For many years, under the auspices of U.S. Government airline contracts, Government employees have been able to travel the world at extensive airline discounts when traveling on official business.

Now www.HumanitarianAirfare.com, acknowledged to be the first web site in the United States to devote itself solely to the coordination of humanitarian travel, is able to provide non-government individuals and groups the lowest consolidator/wholesale fares available. You will find our booking engine to be bullet fast. All fares include taxes and up to the moment fuel surcharges.

We also represent unpublished humanitarian fares.  However, as yet, these fares can not be publicly featured on our website in order to protect their integrity. Unauthorized individuals are not allowed their use.  Contractually, these fares can be used either TO the USA or FROM the USA. These fares can not be used on itineraries from outside the country to somewhere else abroad. Unpublished Humanitarian Airfares are not instant purchase fares but, rather, fares allowed to be placed on a courtesy hold to retain the low booking class of service the reservation was originally made. The intent is to retain this lower fare while coordination of humanitarian efforts take place. Further, you are allowed a change of date on your return without the normal airline penalty of $150-$250 for any change to an international itinerary . Please contact us by email or phone for assistance with these fares. Be sure to include your dates of travel and all the names of your travelers in that seats may not be taken from airline inventory without a name.

Blake Stiles Lawson, formed the e-commerce website you are now visiting and is backed by a full service travel agency, Vinings Travel. The Lawson family has been in the travel agency business for over thirty years. Our corporate offices and humanitarian service center are in Smyrna Georgia. We do not outsource our service center to foreign soil. I extend a hearty welcome to our new clients of e-commerce and hope you will find the various pages of this site to be of interest and value. You may rest assured that any confidence you express in our firm by allowing us to be your partner in travel will always remain justified.  Please never hesitate to contact me of I may be of service to you, personally.

Blake Lawson, Founder

www.HumanitarianAirfare.com and Vinings Travel serve the humanitarian community selling cheap airfares, discounted international airline consolidated airfares, and highly discounted humanitarian airfares. Save up to 70% on International Airfares for group and individual humanitarian international travel. With over 60 major airlines to choose from, you can feel assured that you will find very reasonable rates for all your travel needs. We also provide a searchable database of over 6 million cheap airline tickets. These low prices on airline consolidator discount airfares are just a few clicks away. If you're looking for cheap airfare, flights to Europe or airline consolidator international flights, Humanitarian Airfares always tries to go that extra mile for you and your international travel needs.

www.HumanitarianAirfare.com has consolidator fares and humanitarian airfares for humanitarian organizations such as: World Vision, CARE, Mercy Corps, Relief International, Save the Children, Refugees International, Overseas Development Institute, Lutheran World Federation, International Rescue Committee, International Organization for Migration, and the Red Cross. Others called to humanitarian efforts are Interaction, Hunger Plus, Inc., Food For the Hungry International and the Emergency Nutrition Network. We have coordinated travel for Doctors Without Boarders, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas Internationalis and Action Against Hunger

www.HumanitarianAirfare.com has worked with group and individual travelers from Women for Women, Peace Child International, Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, PETA, Partnership for Change, Experience Corps, Save the Children, Gleaning for the World, Serving Our World, Children’s Surgery International, Global Water, Network for Good, Oxfam International, World Food Pregrams, GOAL, BAPS Care International, Greenpeace, Rice Bowls, East Meets West Foundation, World Wide Orphans Foundation, Samaritans, The Mountain Institute and Olive Branch International.

We sell discount airfares and humanitarian fares to Europe, airfares to Africa, airfares to Asia, airfares to Middle East, airfares to Far East and airfares to South America.  Our discounted fares for international travel are as good as if not better than any on-line company available to do business with.

Using our on-line booking engine to search cheap airfares to Europe is a breeze. If you are looking for cheap international airfare or Africa airfares, Asia airfares, Middle East airfares, Far East airfares, South America airfares look no further. The cheap airline consolidator airfares and web-fares sold on HumitarianAirfares.com represent over 60 airlines from around the world. Our cheap airfares for humanitarian travel are the most competitive on the web today.  Our cheap flights come from over 60 international airlines from around the world. We have cheap flights on United Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways, Northwest Airlines, British Airways and the entire Star Alliance You can make your airline reservation on one of these major carriers as well as car and hotel reservations at HumanitarianAirfare.com

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After you have completed your search for discount flights, you will be given the option to book your flights online or call us. When purchasing your cheap international airline tickets online, you will receive a booking confirmation email with all your flight details within minutes after your booking has been completed. Your tickets will be processed as soon as we confirm your billing information.



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